Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Reviews

Do you like to keep things simple and to the point during your work out? Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike could be the thing for you. With minimum technological additions to the main cycling bike, this workout equipment is quite the thing that will revolutionize your workout sessions especially if you like working out from different positions in the house.

Features of pro indoor cycling bike

Indoor cycling bikeThis bike is made of a sturdy steel frame and even though it is lighter that most cycling bikes, it is highly sturdy and do not move from side to side. It has an adjustable seat and handlebars suitable for persons of all heights. The handlebars are also padded protecting your hands from unwanted blisters. The bike also has a 40 lb flywheel and adjustable resistance. The resistance makes the bike ideal for all persons. The transportation wheels on the bike are a fresh innovation different from other bikes.

Who can use Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike?

This bike is suitable for almost everyone. Due to its adjustable seat and handlebar, both short and tall people can comfortably work out using this bike. The adjustable resistance also makes it ideal for people requiring different workout intensity whether a beginner or a pro or someone who is looking to lose weight. The pedals on the bike are sturdy and allow you to vary the position of your work out. The wheels on the bike make it a favourite for people who like working out and do other things. All you need to do is roll the bike to wherever you need it and roll it back to its station when you are done. The monitor on the bike is quite basic and the adjustment of the resistance has to be done using a knob.

Are there benefits of using Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike?

Other than the obvious health benefits, there are several other advantages of using the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike:

- Can easily be transported to your workout place of choice
- Is fairly priced and has many positive reviews
- Easy to assemble after buying the equipment
- Usable by different categories of people
- Padded handle bars that protect against blisters
- 40 pounds fly wheel that allows for smooth natural movements

Shortcomings of pro indoor cycling bike from Sunny Health and Fitness

Weight limit – if you weigh more than 274lbs, this machine might not be ideal for you as the manufacturer gives that as the maximum weight it can handle.

Creaky noises – After a few uses, there are creaking sounds that can be annoying. However, some people have found that using some oil on the brake pads and this solves the issue.

Uncomfortable seat – like many bikes, the seat of this bike is quite uncomfortable. However, adding a cover gel can highly increase the seats comfort.

Even with the few limitations, the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is a great equipment to have as to gives a thorough workout at your convenience; at home at the most affordable cost.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Secrets

Being a celebrity comes with lots of stresses. Many celebrities often feel the pressure to look good. Celebrity plastic surgery secrets are often hidden from the public, but are later discovered and exposed by the media. Keeping plastic surgery a secret from the public is often very challenging. This is due to the fact that plastic surgeries often change the appearance or looks of a person. Reconstructive surgeries also bring back the looks that had been lost due to an accident, a burn or a skin disorder. This therefore makes the results quite pronounced and it will be noticed by simply looking at the individual.


Successful celebrity plastic surgeries are often evident during their public appearances. Most of them do not however come clean about having undergone the procedure. It has never been clear why many celebrities feel guilty after having the procedure. Beyonce is an example of a celebrity whose plastic surgery yielded the positive results but chose to keep it a secret. Beyonce is a well renowned musician who has been behind many hit songs and is a former Destinies Child member.

Currently, she is the wife of the famous rapper; Jay-Z. It is suspected that she had a nose job. This is due to the fact that the nose she currently has is one that is a little sharp and somehow pointed. This is very different from the bulbous nose that she initially had. Even though she kept it a secret, she had her facial appearance enhanced and got the face worth dying for. Failed celebrity plastic surgeries are also in most cases kept from the public. Click here to see some photos.

They are however to some extent impossible to be kept secrets. An example of a celebrity who had a surgery that turned out disastrous is Courtney Stodden. She took to plastic surgery with the fear that age was fast catching up with her. It is possible that she had a lip implant. This is evident from the change that is visible on her face.

In her case, plastic surgeons have purported that she used a Gore Tex Technique for lip implant. The procedure is carried out to help in the enhancement of the muscles of the area around the lip. The procedure was a terrible disaster that left her lips looking rather ridiculous. It is also speculated that she has had a series of Botox injections. This was also a tragedy. This shows openly on her face. The natural expression that she had was lost and she was left expressionless looking rather ‘plastic’. She has however not admitted publicly that all these changes came as a result of plastic surgeries. Here recent pics –

Mila Kunis is another celebrity who has decided to keep her plastic surgery a secret. Mila gained fame as the 14 year old that starred in the 1970s show as Jackie. There was a sudden change in the appearance of her nose. She initially had a bulbous nose but suddenly it transformed into a nose that fit perfectly well into her face to supplement the beauty that was already donned on her face. She has on her part claimed that she has had nothing done on her nose.

Diet Pill Price Comparison and Other Details

There are several diet pills out in the market that aid in the process of weight loss. They are manufactured by different companies. The quality of the pills vary from one company to the other, the price also vary from one brand to the other.

Diet pills

Before choosing a diet pill on should consider many things, among them the effectiveness, how fast it achieves the required results and above all the price. One should be careful to note that there are contraband diet pills in the market. They look and are packed exactly like the real pills. It is only after you have bought and used them that you realize that they are in actual sense scam. Here you can find info about a genuine weight loss product.

The Active8 X Diet Drops are one of the diet pills that are out in the market. It aids in slimming by increasing the fat burning process, it is also an appetite suppressant thereby reducing the amount of food an individual consumes. It also boosts metabolism and blocks carbohydrates. It retails for a price of around £49.99 for one month’s supply.

Another diet pill in the market is the Proactol. It works by aiding in the burning of fats. It also lowers an individual’s appetite ensuring that less fat is consumed due to the reduced food intake. One month’s supply may cost £42.88.

The Superfruit Slim is also a common diet pill. It achieves its weight loss purpose by suppressing an individual’s appetite. It also burns fats and boosts metabolism. A boost in the metabolism ensures that a high amount of fat is oxidized thereby reducing its concentration in the human body. £35.00 may be the cost for a one month supply.

Capsiplex is also another pill that is increasingly being stocked by retailers. It boosts metabolism and burns fats. It goes at a reasonable price of £29.99 for a one month supply. Also present in the market is the Unique Hoodia. It reduces the appetite of one. With the appetite low, chances that high amounts of fat will be ingested are also lowered. Unique Hoodia is also a metabolic booster. Its monthly supply may cost around £35.00.

Phentaslim is also another diet pill common in the market. It is a binder and a metabolic booster. It also works by suppressing the individual appetite. The monthly supply cost may be £39.95.

Another diet pill is the Tava Tea. It boasts of its natural ingredients. It aids in the burning of fats and also boosts metabolism. A month’s supply may cost around £29.99. There is also the Appesat. It aids in weight lose by suppressing the appetite. By doing so it helps an individual improve the dietary behavior and can help keep off the weight longer. The monthly supply cost is around £27.85.

Does garcinia cambogia work for men - Garcinia Cambogia is a diet pill that boasts of the ingredients being entirely natural. Very little side effects have been reported. It burns fats and suppresses the appetite. It retails for £35.18 for a one month supply. Considering its natural ingredients and the duration it keeps off extra weight, Garcinia Cambogia is quite affordable.

Health Benefits of Losing Weight

Today, the average Body mass index of the adult population in developed countries is between 28 and 32. This means everyone is overweight or mildly obese. This could be attributed to today’s poor lifestyles. Being overweight and obese is associated with a myriad of health risks. Most of these risks can be prevented by weight loss, starting with only 10 pounds or 10% of your body weight. The trick to losing weight is starting slow and building the pace with time. You can also us safe products such as Garcinia cambogia. But what are the benefits of weight loss?

Benefits of losing weight

Weight loss benefits

One of the key benefits of losing weight is to lower the bad cholesterol which is scientifically known as LDL. When LDL circulates to different parts of the body through the blood, it forms plaques at the arteries. This leads to blood vessel constriction which could be lethal to some organs like the heart leading to heart attacks and in some cases stroke. Smaller blood vessels due to plaque also lead to high blood pressure which not only damages the heart but also the kidneys.

Another key weigh loss benefit is proper blood glucose regulation. When you maintain a healthy weight or start on weight loss, your blood glucose is well regulated; you have just enough glucose that your body can handle. This reduces the probability of getting blood sugar related complications such as diabetes. It can help in regulation of complications such as kidney failure if you are a diabetic type 2 patient.

Increase in energy is another key benefit of losing weight. People who have lost at least 10 pounds have claimed to have more energy to do daily activities. This can also be attributed to the ability to sleep better and release of ‘happy’ hormones when you lose weight. Weight loss has also been known to greatly reduce stress hormones and toxic by-products in the body further contributing to the energy burst felt.

How to lose weight safely

Even with the myriad of health benefits, it is still difficult for many people to lose weight safely. Many resort to unhealthy habits. However, there are some easy to follow steps that could lead to your weight loss the healthy way:

i) Eat a healthy balanced diet – concentrate on the fruits and vegetables and cut down the sweet and processed foods. Drink lots of water.

ii) Work out – add 20 minutes of work out to your daily activities. This can be a simple walk to the office, a jog in the morning or even physically cleaning your house.

iii) Use healthy natural supplements – everyone needs some help to do something sometimes. Supplements such as Garcinia cambogia extracts will do just that; they will help you burn more calories faster for less stressful weight loss. Learn about one of the best supplements –

Garcinia Cambogia is known as a safe weight loss product with no side effects. All you need is 500mg of the extract before every meal. So, get a pack today to help you reap the full benefits of losing weight the healthy way.